Matthew S. Haylock

President - Architect

Like all members of our team, Mr. Haylock has established a reputation for steadfast integrity, respectful collaboration with the tradespeople, and highly personalized service to his clients. He excels in master planning, zoning analysis, municipal hearing presentation, complete project design and construction administration. His diverse background includes single and multi-family residential, commercial, industrial and retail expertise. Mr. Haylock's portfolio comprises over 700 new and remodeled buildings, including over 5,000 new multi-family units.

Edward F. Kurzeja

Vice President - Architect

As a managing principal, Mr. Kurzeja oversees our Design & Production Department. He supervises all phases of the design of each project; and he manages the collaborative efforts between our technical staff and consultants. He devotes his energy and talents to ensuring that the buildings we design achieve their creative potential and operational intent while honoring the financial goals of the client. Mr. Kurzeja focuses on maintaining positive relationships between the architects, engineers, construction personnel, and our clients. Through leadership and efficient coordination between our team members, he helps to assure the success of every project.

Archamerica - Architects with Experience

Architects Matthew Haylock and Edward Kurzeja formed Archamerica, Inc. with the intent of offering an unprecedented level of service to our clients while also providing outstanding value. With over 50 years of combined architectural experience, we have established a reputation for designing beautiful yet cost-effective buildings, producing complete and precise construction drawings, and building relationships with the tradespeople. We strive to maintain these ideals, regardless of the size or type of project.

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Architects United By Design

The design of your building or space is what has brought us together. Our goal is for your team-which includes you, as well as the architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors-to be united as one throughout the course of your project. With our leadership, thorough coordination, and consistent efficiency, your project will be-by design-a success.

All projects shown on this website were designed by Matthew Haylock and/or Edward Kurzeja. Some may be from their personal portfolios.