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Apartment Buildings with 1st Floor Retail

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Archamerica specializes in all types of multi-family residential buildings and structures, including mixed-use residential construction over commercial developments. Extensive experience in working with builders and real estate developers has led to locally recognized excellence in building design, as well as the creation of superior marketable products.

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Urban Mixed-Use Developments

We Specialize in Downtown Infill Projects

Archamerica's mixed-use residential experience includes a wide range of urban projects which combine residential and commercial uses in a variety of configurations. Our architects have designed developments ranging from small 2-story buildings, to11-story high-rise towers.

Designs that Enhance the Community

Buildings that Revitalize a Neighborhood

Most mixed-use developments are born from under-utilized sites within the heart of the community, which are often in disrepair, The goal is to repurpose those sites, and to bring value and vibrancy into the neighborhoods. Archamerica does not shy away from projects on difficult or unusual sites, Archamerica specializes in it! Our architects create mixed-use developments that are a success to the residents, the developers, and the communities..

Our firm also has extensive experience in these building types:
Townhomes & Mid-Rise Apartments
Senior Living Communities
Hotels & Hospitality

All of the projects displayed were designed by Matthew Haylock or Edward Kurzeja. Some may be from their personal portfolios.