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Efficient Restaurant Design

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At Archamerica, our architects understand that space equals money. An efficient use of space, including storage, prep, service and point-of-sale stations, will increase a restaurant's efficiency. We specialize in planning well-organized kitchens, dining areas, bars, and service areas, to maximize the speed of your staff and the number of customers that can be served. If you're looking for a detailed & cost-conscious architect, call 847-957-7755 for a free consultation.

Experienced Restaurant Architects

Dine-In, Carry-Out, Bar, and Video Gaming Design

Our restaurant architects understand that the design plays a critical role in attracting and retaining customers; while also maintaining efficient food preparation and service. Whether your restaurant will be free-standing, within a retail center, or in a food court, we have the experience to help make your unique business a success.

Our design expertise includes:
• Dine-In Restaurants
• Carry-Out Restaurants
• Food Court Restaurants
• Bars & Delis
• Video Gaming Parlors
• Commercial Kitchens

Our firm also specializes in these project types:
Professional & Medical Offices
New Commercial Buildings
Hotels & Hospitality